Melco S10 Network Switch


Melco’s new flagship S10 data switch delivers the true potential of networked audio sound quality.

Melco Audio has launched a high-end network switch, which for the first time, benefits from a separate high-performance linear power supply for the ultimate in networked audio sound quality.
The new S10 becomes Melco’s flagship switch and comprises a ‘head’ unit and a power unit, separating the sensitive data-carrying areas of the design from the power supply. The two-box approach echoes that of the recently announced flagship digital music library, the N10/2, and offers the least compromise when it comes to ultimate sound quality.
The S10’s head unit is based on a heavily upgraded S100 network switch, and benefits from a greatly improved power management section. The head unit’s casework has also been significantly improved with better aluminium used for the casework to improve rigidity and increase isolation for the signal-carrying electronics. A rigid-steel screened chassis offers further mechanical stability.
The rear panel connections include different speed RJ45 Ethernet ports: 4x 100 MB and 4x 1 GB, the latter of which are useful for the Roon Core processor which generates high traffic flow. In addition, 2x 1 GB SFP (Small Form Factor) ports are also included for direct fibre connections and compatibility with supported devices.

A large toroidal transformer forms the bulk of the S10’s power unit and is mounted on a solid base with specialist insulators from Japan’s TAOC. Further features include high-quality Neutrik connectors on the output, plus a high-precision ‘102 SSC’ conductor from Tokyo’s Oyaide for the connecting DC cable.