WELCOME TO THE CHALLENGES OF 2022 – thank goodness we can fill it with music

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COVID 19 – We are all so lucky in Canberra to largely continue life as normal, albeit with the huge loss of so much live music. I know my own Hi-Fi helps tremendously with sanity over these times, and I often hear of good Hi-Fi helping others. Thanks for the encouraging support messages throughout these times, they are much appreciated. Audio Apartmento continues to offer (and support) your Hi-Fi solutions, with appropriate social distancing. Contact Allan anytime here or phone 0498 127 097 for expert assistance and advice.

Along with the Fyne announcement below, Audio Apartmento is very pleased to announce being appointed to represent the following new brands in Canberra and beyond

AURALiC – high end streaming solutions read more here

AVM Audiophile Masterpieces – quality all-in-one HiFi solutions from Germany. Read more here

heed audio – Read more here

All the above is brand new to the Australian market and Audio Apartmento. I’ll be making my way through all the new options over the next few months as stock comes to hand. Watch this site for further news on future discoveries.

As always, questions welcomed anytime. Just phone 0498 127 097 or contact Allan here  

Audio Apartmento is very excited to be appointed the Canberra agent for the Award-Winning Fyne Audio speaker brand. 

It is a rare day that the audio press unanimously welcomes a new speaker brand. However, given the pedigree of the Fyne Audio brand it is no surprise that their expertise is audible from day one. Read more about Fyne Audio here.

The full range of Fyne Audio speakers is now available through Audio Apartmento, with the F3, F300 and F500 series available on-line here. The specialist F1 and F704 are also available but given their size and installation requirements are not offered on-line. Contact Allan here for further information or to arrange a demonstration.


Totem speakers now available

Since the inception of Audio Apartmento we have quietly recommended the Canadian speaker brand Totem acoustics. We are very excited to now formerly offer this well-known to us but relatively little known brand to all our customers.

Totem is easy to like as their priorities are identical to Audio Apartmento – it is all about the music.

Speakers priced from $775 a pair means there is something for everyone.

Contact Allan here or look further here for further information.