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COVID 19 – We are all so lucky in Canberra to largely continue life as normal, albeit with the huge loss of so much live music. I know my own Hi-Fi helps tremendously with sanity over these times, and I often hear of good Hi-Fi helping others. Thanks for the encouraging support messages throughout these times, they are much appreciated. Audio Apartmento continues to offer (and support) your Hi-Fi solutions, with appropriate social distancing. Contact Allan anytime here or phone 0498 127 097 for expert assistance and advice.

Along with the Fyne announcement below, Audio Apartmento is very pleased to announce being appointed to represent the following new brands in Canberra and beyond

AURALiC – high end streaming solutions read more here

AVM Audiophile Masterpieces – quality all-in-one HiFi solutions from Germany. Read more here

heed audio – Read more here

All the above is brand new to the Australian market and Audio Apartmento. I’ll be making my way through all the new options over the next few months as stock comes to hand. Watch this site for further news on future discoveries.

As always, questions welcomed anytime. Just phone 0498 127 097 or contact Allan here  

Audio Apartmento is very excited to be appointed the Canberra agent for the Award-Winning Fyne Audio speaker brand. 

It is a rare day that the audio press unanimously welcomes a new speaker brand. However, given the pedigree of the Fyne Audio brand it is no surprise that their expertise is audible from day one. Read more about Fyne Audio here.

The full range of Fyne Audio speakers is now available through Audio Apartmento, with the F3, F300 and F500 series available on-line here. The specialist F1 and F704 are also available but given their size and installation requirements are not offered on-line. Contact Allan here for further information or to arrange a demonstration.


Naim is not standing still !

New Naim Mu-so 2nd generation and Mu-so Qb 2nd generation now available.

NEW NAIM INTERGRATED AMPLIFIERS Also just launched are the 3rd generation NAIT XS 3 and SUPERNAIT 3. Official Naim info available here. Pricing and availability information to follow. Register you interest here.

Pricing now confirmed: SUPERNAIT 3 | $7800.00 NAIT XS 3 |  $5100.00. First shipment now available..


Totem speakers now available

Since the inception of Audio Apartmento we have quietly recommended the Canadian speaker brand Totem acoustics. We are very excited to now formerly offer this well-known to us but relatively little known brand to all our customers.

Totem is easy to like as their priorities are identical to Audio Apartmento – it is all about the music.

Speakers priced from $775 a pair means there is something for everyone.

Contact Allan here or look further here for further information.

Announcing a completely new range of Naim Network players for 2018

Without a doubt the most anticipated new product from Naim has been announced, a completely new range of Network players bringing a new platform for today’s latest innovations, such as Roon, and providing the platform for any future upgrades.

Read more here, or check back for further announcements about timing of the releases and Australian pricing.

November 2018 update: All three models now available to order. NDX2 demo model in stock.  Contact Allan for a demonstration in the ACT – or nearby.

Prices – ND555 – $25,500,  NDX 2 – $9750,  ND5 XS 2 $4750.

Happy to help with any enquiries. Just contact Allan here.

Announcing Naim Uniti Star.

With the international launch of the much anticipated Naim Uniti Star the Uniti trilogy is now complete.

Adding CD ripping in to the same box doing the amplification and streaming duties this is one serious all-in-one operation. As always, audio is the priority, matched with Naim’s now legendary build quality. Available to order here. Read more here.


Naim Uniti Atom and Uniti Nova

September 2017. After much excited anticipation the release, and the fulfilment of back- orders, of the Uniti Atom and the Uniti Nova has finally happened. Never has a wait been so impatient, yet so forgotten once the items started to be heard. Very exciting times.

Read more about the Naim Uniti Atom here, and the Naim Uniti Nova here.


Naim Uniti Core

Industry-Reference Hard-Disk Server

February 2017: After years of dedicated research Naim have released the cornerstone of the new Unit range, the heart of the system, simply called the Uniti Core. Here you can manage the ripping of your CD collection, create a hub for all your Naim streamers, and connect existing (or new) external hard drives with your digital music collections. All done in an industry leading fashion with absolutely no-compromise in any aspect of the engineering. Read more here. Now available to order here.

  December 2016: Just announced, Mu-so Qb has won two new Awards:
  1. Home Cinema Choice magazine awarded Qb the Best Compact Music System 2016, noting that “The Mu-so Qb’s ability to integrate with existing Naim components is sure to make it a popular choice with fans of the brand.”
  1. Hi-Fi World named Qb the Best Wireless Loudspeaker of the Year 2016. The reviewer writes “This is not just a wireless loudspeaker but more a full hi-fi system in a compact package.”

And Hi-Fi+ magazine has named the Naim NAP 300 DR Power Amplifier of the Year in their 2016 Awards. “…the NAP 300 DR shines out as a perfect expression of what Naim does so fundamentally right in all its products. In our test, Roy Gregory was deeply impressed by its “presence and dynamic authority of its mid-bass, so vital to the feeling of instrumental identity, scale, and power, the intimacy it brings to vocals, its agility and poise, its easy sense of tempo, be that relaxed or hesitant, measured, or urgent.” Read more here Hi-Fi +142 Awards2016_Naim_NAP300DR


Introducing the New Uniti Family

We are very excited to announce The New Uniti Family from Naim, a range of revolutionary all-in-one players, and a reference music server:

  • Uniti Atom compact all-in-one player
  • Uniti Star multi-functional CD-operating all-in-one player
  • Uniti Core industry reference music server (stores and streams thousands of albums and backs up your music collection in one place)
  • Uniti Nova reference audiophile all-in-one player.

All are pictured below, clockwise from top left:


With each player working independently (or together), simply add speakers to unleash music in any room of the house.

We are extremely excited about the new range, and the new options it brings to our enjoyment of music.

Stock of the Core is expected late Oct 2017, Atom Dec 2017 with the other two due early 2018.

Further details available here. Contact Allan on  0498 127 097 or e-mail Allan anytime to pre-order or to discuss any of the fantastic new features.

 Mu-so Qb Wins EISA Award – Just Like Mu-so

Naim are delighted to announce that Mu-so Qb, their compact wireless music system and little brother to Mu-so, has won the highly sought-after EISA  Award for Best Compact Hi-Fi System, just as the original Naim Mu-so did in 2015.

The badge is reserved for the single best products within their categories chosen by a panel of 15 expert judges – the editors of specialist audio magazines from across Europe, who have been running the awards for 33 years.

Every year, the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) Awards applaud new products that combine the most advanced technology, the most desirable features, the ultimate expression of design, the most satisfying ergonomics and of course, the greatest value for money. In short, EISA recognises the features most likely to be appreciated by an enthusiast public seeking high quality and creative facilities.

Mu-so Qb beat hundreds of competitors to take the home the only award in the Compact Hi-Fi System category. Its combination of five speaker drivers and two pistonic bass radiators controlled by its advanced digital brain, paired with advanced connectivity including high-res streaming, AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth (aptX), impressed the judges. Ultimately though, it was the sound that captured the judges’ imaginations and Qb’s ability to bring you closer to the music. More information here. Shop here.


Exciting News from Naim Audio


January 2016 at CES in Las Vegas, Naim launched the Mu-so Qb, a more compact but equally impressive wireless loudspeaker system.
Mu-so Qb shares the same DNA as the original Mu-so wireless music system, all intuitively crafted into a compact cabinet. Controlled by a powerful audio brain, Mu-so Qb is alive with custom features all designed in Naim’s audio laboratories in Salisbury, England. It’s a true feat of sound engineering. Simple to control and easy to connect, Mu-so Qb delivers a staggering 300 watts to unmask your music with a sound that defies size.
Mu-so Qb is now available through Audio Apartmento. More information here. Shop here.


Naim ND5 XS

Here’s the latest review for the mighty Naim ND5 XS Media Player – What Hi-Fi writes, “A fully featured, insightful and captivating streamer that does it all – one of the best high-end streamers we’ve ever tested.”

What Hi-Fi reviews the ND5 XS. Read the full review here:



Introducing Super Lumina

High-end interconnects and speaker cable

Designed without compromise for pure musical performance

Every link in the audio chain is important. It’s something Naim Audio have confirmed time and time again in listening tests. That’s why during the development of Statement, their flagship amplification system, they began a project in parallel to design a completely new range of high performance Naim cables. They started with a blank page, specifying each element using their expertise in cable construction and material science and based on the results of thousands of hours spent in the listening room testing prototypes.


The Super Lumina range is the result. Consisting of audio interconnects, power-amplifier cables and speaker cables, the range is capable of meeting the demands of Statement but is equally at home in other Naim 500 and Classic Series systems.


Announced today 15 May 2015 at the Munich High End Show:

Naim has introduced a new and improved range of power amplifiers with Naim DR (Discrete Regulator) and Statement transistor technology.

The NAP 200, 250, 300 and 500 power amplifiers have been revised and reintroduced for 2015 with output transistors developed during the work on the Statement project alongside Naim DR (Discrete Regulator) power supply technology.

DR Amp

The new Classic Series power amplifiers (NAP 200 DR, 250 DR and 300 DR) are now available. The NAP 500 DR will begin shipping in August 2015. Taking orders now!


Mu-so Wins Prestigious Red Dot Design Award

Naim Audio is delighted to announce that our Mu-so wireless music system has won a Red Dot Award 2015 for Product Design. It was recognised by the 38 member jury as one of the special few products among 4928 entries from 56 countries for its quality and innovative power, deservedly winning the sought-after Red Dot seal of quality.

Mu-so is Naim’s first wireless music system. It features six speakers and 450 watts of amplification in a single, elegant enclosure with connectivity including high-resolution streaming, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (aptX), internet radio and app control.

Simon Matthews, Naim Director of Design, commented: “The Red Dot Award is welcome recognition of the countless late nights spent by the team at Naim in making our Mu-so wireless music system a gateway to a deeper, more intense experience of music for a wide audience. Every aspect of the design has been carefully considered to connect the listener completely with their music.”

To discover more and to hear the mu-so for yourself contact Allan now.


Naim Audio brings Bluetooth and Spotify Connect support to the new Uniti range


Naim Audio’s new Uniti all-in-in-one range are now available with an aptX Bluetooth module for wireless streaming and support for Spotify Connect, allowing users to control their premium  account from the Uniti player.

Existing owners of streaming product do not miss out completely as Spotify Connect is available as a free software download. It will of course be standard in all new streamers.

Need help with your update download, or would like more information on the new Uniti range then just contact Allan.


Announcing Naim’s stunning new stand alone audio solution, the Mu-so.

Mu-so is Naim’s first wireless music system. Which means you get a streamer, amplifier and speakers all in one very impressive unit. Finely tuned by Naim’s specialist engineers in England, its powerful audio brain delivers the most exceptional quality in sound, commanding 450 watts of power through six custom-designed speakers to create an experience of music that has to be heard to be believed.

muso ex naim

Its advanced yet simple to use connectivity includes AirPlay, UPnP™ streaming, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (aptX), iRadio, iOS and Android app control and multiroom capability.

Mu-so is available now from Audio Apartmento. Just contact Allan to arrange a purchase or an audition or simply add the colour of your choice to your cart now.

Further information here

Contact Allan now. In stock and available now.