PLiXIR Power

Unique, timeless, high performance and cost-effective power products for hifi use.

PLiXiR’s mission is to promote the effective use of true balanced power into home hifi use. PLiXiR focuses on designing the best balanced power products in the world, using the best commercially available components. In particular the PLiXiR Elite range of balanced AC Power products are truly “cost no object” creations.

PLiXiR is the first company in the world to offer a complete balanced power delivery system, including Balanced AC power conditioner, with Balanced Power cables (for end-to-end balanced power) and Balanced DC power supplies for equipment requiring DC power.

PLiXiR’s founder and engineer James Soh tells us that “power’s influence – both AC and DC’s – on hi-fi equipment’s performance is extremely profound and cannot be understated. Your hi-fi system cannot function without power; it is the lifeblood of your hi-fi anatomy. Needless to say, variations in the quality of power delivered to your equipment affects them greatly. In many cases, users of mid-level hi-fi systems with attention to correct power treatment derive superior musical performances than high end systems that neglected this aspect.”

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