ADOT Fibre Kits


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Audiophile Fibre network connectivity kits; for when copper just isn’t good enough.
Why Upgrade? Simple…..
• Behind the 0’s and 1’s, hi-fi electrical signals are still analogue, and just as susceptible to the influence from noise and interference;
• Audio designers go to great lengths to minimise noise problems within hardware, but external influences are a different matter;
• Network-connected components are at risk from noise and interference, as well as malformed data;
• Copper wire, used for Ethernet cables, is effective at conducting data, but is equally effective at conducting all manner of interference as well;
• By using fibre optics, the data can still be communicated to the digital components, but without any risk of in-troducing any conducted interference and noise.

ADOT Fibre Kits:
• MC01: Complete Kit Includes: 1 x MC01 media converter, 2 x SFP Adapters, 1 x 1.5m Fibre & 1 x PSU;
• MC03: MC01 kit with Plixir BDC 2A custom built low noise PSU with three stage noise reduction.
• MC Accessory: 1 x MC01 converter & adapter lead to utilise existing PSU.