Vertere – DG-1S RP – Dynamic Groove


The Vertere DG-1S Dynamic Groove Record Player is Vertere’s most affordable design; the updated model remains the easiest to set up and use, and also contains some of Vertere’s most innovative thinking.

Improvements over previous version:
• Platter Bearing & tonearm bearings

• New Groove Runner S Tonearm

• New Motor-drive software


DG-1S Magneto Pack – Includes Vertere Magneto MM Cartridge factory fitted & D-Fi Stereo RCA cable

DG-1S Sabre Pack  (Redline Pack) with Vertere Sabre MM Cartridge factory fitted. Redline Pack Includes stylus balance, Techno Mat, Redline Stereo RCA cable

For further information contact Allan here or phone 0498 127 097