Audio Apartmento is all about you, the customer. When you’re happy, I’m happy.

Here is a selection taken from the many nice comments I have received over the years:

  • Anyway we are connected again and all I can say is that the sound quality is incredible! The Naim has surpassed all my expectations – I did not think the difference would be so immediately apparent. Thanks so much for your help and prompt service – I couldn’t be happier. (Simon 2020)
  • I’ve been listening until late. It sounds wonderful. As you said I would, I am hearing aspects of music I’ve not heard before. Thank you for your good advice and assistance. Much appreciated. (Nick 2020)
  • I am very pleased with the way you set up the NAS Drive and PC. It`s a joy to rip CDs which go straight to the file in the NAS and also the downloads which goes straight through the Music folder in the PC. Thanks to your expertise and patience! Cheers (George 2018)
  • Well worth the trip and good to catch up – it just reinforces my decision to buy Naim and from you, with an after sales service second to none. (Ron 2018)
  • Love the amp and CD player. Thank you for the excellent service. (Bob 2018)
  • “Thanks again Allan for your time, guidance and patience that has given me a sound system that I have been seeking for years … ” (David B 2017)
  • Have to say I’m already loving owning this amp! It’s hi Fidelity without being ‘typical hi fi’ if you know what I mean. I feel a genuine emotional response when listening to music through this amp, I knew the boogie factor would be there which is Naim’s reputation but didn’t expect the intimacy factor!!! Happy rocker here! (David W 2017)
  • All working!   Thank you, great solution. (Yvonne 2017)
  • Many thanks Allan. It definitely seems like it’s the way to go. Nice meeting you. (Markus 2017)
  • Allan. Thanks so much be being in touch.  The present was a great success. (Philip 2017)
  • Thank you very much for the help and for your friendly and professional service. All the best (Charles 2017)
  • Thank you Allan, appreciate you coming out to install for me. Cheers (Brett 2017)
  • As I sit here with Leonard Cohen and all I can say is… You were absolutely right! Wow (Duy 2016)
  • Hi Allan, It is a great product. I may be in the market for another one … (Richard 2016)
  • Hi Allan. The Mu-so continues to entertain the family and I keep demonstrating its virtues and value to anyone interested.  I don’t know how I survived without it! My inputs are solely the 700 albums I’ve ripped (thank you again for the process) and the Internet radio stations which come through so clearly. Again, my very sincere thanks for all of your assistance in setting up, and look forward to catching up some time. (Colin 2016)
  • We are enjoying the Mu-so immensely and often playing a Spotify playlist most days. (Tony 2016)
  • I’m still really enjoying the Mu-so. Very happy I bought it. (Jed 2016)
  • I am still enjoying my Superuniti immensely, discovering ‘new music’ regularly, thanks to you. (Ron 2016)
  • Very happy! Thanks (Martin 2016)