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FinkTeam’s KIM is the third loudspeaker in the German company’s output and it’s a 25kg+
Stand mount speaker, described as a ’goosebumps’ speaker, connecting you with music in a
way that you really FEEL!
Like BORG, KIM is still a two-way design, still uses a paper coned woofer with an oversized
magnet, and still uses an AMT tweeter based on a Mundorf-designed model. Like the BORG,
KIM’s body and cabinet have been designed to avoid colouration.
KIM is easy to position and unfussy, the type of speaker you can listen to all day.

Frequency Response
35Hz-25kHz -10dB, 45Hz-23kHz -10dB

Average Impedance
> 8 Ohm

Minimum Impedance
5,9 Ohm @ 160 Hz

86 dB @ 2.83 V / 1 m

0.2 % THD @1W

Crossover Frequency
2200 Hz

Bass Unit
High-Power 8“, 38 mm voice coil diameter

HF Unit
110 mm AMT

854 x 300 x 310 mm (HWD) Depth 412 mm with stand

25,1 kg

Choice of several standard finishes

Reflex with multiple Strunk Absorbers and damped double layer Sandwich panels with one dimensional bracing and CleanPort resonator. Integrated Stand

Option Switches
3 Positions Tweeter level, 3 positions Woofer damping

High Current Single Wiring pure Copper

FinkTeam’s KIM is available in three price categories, these are:
1. Standard Finishes. (Fronts are finished in Soft Touch Paint)
– Amara Ebony with Black front, American Walnut with White front, White Matt with Steel Grey front & Black Matt with
Black front.
2. Non-Standard Finishes. (Fronts are finished in Soft Touch Paint)
– American Walnut with Black Front, Olive with White front & American Black Cherry with Stone Grey front.
3. Premium Finish.
– Piano Black Gloss with Matt Black Front.