Totem Element Metal V2


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The PR release outlines more updates to the V2 series:

– The driver facade is now a black anodized finish as opposed to the previous silver anodized aluminum. As well, the “Skid Plate” located at the bottom rear of the Element Metal V2 is now a black anodized finish.
– Externally visible changes to the 7″ Torrent woofer include a slightly larger dust cap with additional damping. The driver now has much better mid-range control and bass extension, going down an additional 5Hz, allowing the Element Metal V2 to have a virtually perfect frequency response from 25Hz to over 22KHz.
– Internally, the 7″ Torrent driver magnet system has been increased from 16 to 17 individual magnets, resulting in slightly larger concavity of the magnet cradle; this allows for greater control of the voice coil.
– The 7″ Torrent driver is now a little shorter and more compact, with the result being a smoother midrange frequency and deeper bass response.”

The Element Series is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tribe Series, for stunning synergy in surround setups.


Frequency Response 30 Hz – 22 kHz
Impedance 4 ohms
Recommended Power 50 W – 300 W
Sensitivity 91 dB
Width 11.7″ / 29.8 cm
Height 43.5″ / 110,49 cm
Depth 14.9″ / 37.846 cm

Please refer to the Totem website for further information or contact Allan for specification sheets and any questions.