Auralic Aries G1.1: Wireless Streaming Transporter (Digital Output Only)


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Aries G1.1: Wireless Streaming Transporter (Digital Output Only)
• AURALiC’s Streamer, the Aries G1.1 offers the full suite of AURALiC’s streaming and serving software, Lightning DS and Lightning Server, if you’re serious about streaming and you have a DAC, Aries G1.1 is for you.
• Featuring AURALiC’s Tesla 2 platform, the Aries G1.1 borrows from the premium series and enjoys 50% more processing speed. Regarding power, the Aries G1.1 is CLEAN, employing dual Purer-Power Linear PSU’s, separating Aries form the competition.
• The G1.1 Aries is engineered with a High-Mass base plate, borrowed from the G2.1 family. The base plate im-proves vibration dampening and sonic performance.
• In addition, Aries G1.1 now has facility for on-board HDD/SSD, specific HDD kit is required for installation. Note: HDD/SDD is not supplied.
• Aries G1.1 can playback and Rip CD’s* from a supported USB Optical Drive (separately powered).
• * CD player/ripper requires additional hardware, please contact Audio Apartmento for more information.

Find out more on the Auralic Australia Website