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ALTAIR G1.1: Streaming DAC Preamplifier


ALTAIR G1.1: Streaming DAC Preamplifier
• AURALiC’s redefining the way we listen to music, the Altair G1.1 builds on the success of it predecessor. It re-mains the ’Swiss Army Knife’ of the range, a versatile Streaming DAC, Server, Preamplifier, Headphone Amplifier and CD player/ripper*;
• Altair G1.1 features volume control, provision for onboard HDD/SDD, Improved headphone amplifier, Lightning Server and the full array of digital inputs;
• The Altair G1.1 is engineered with a High-Mass base plate, borrowed form the G2.1 family. The base plate im-proves vibration dampening and sonic performance.
• Altair G1.1 has an improved Femto clock, providing an even higher level of precision for the integrated DAC. It also has a more powerful built-in headphone amplifier, making the headphone listening experience even better.
• Altair G1.1 is perfectly at home as a digital source, or controlling your whole system;
• Note: Altair G1.1 requires a specific HDD kit for installation, and HDD/SDD is not supplied.
• * CD player/ripper requires addition hardware, please contact Audio Apartmento for more information.

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