Vertere Magneto MM Cartridge



Dual Moving Magneto Cartridge

The Dual Magnet design replicates the structure of the cutter head.

A ‘V’ form two magnet design mimics the Left & Right channel sides of the record groove. This feature, with the permalloy centre shield plate, provides a higher frequency response with electrical crosstalk typically better than 40dB.

 The Magneto utilises a finely finished Elliptical stylus to ensure outstanding tracking ability and super quiet tracing of the record groove. Use of laminated Para-toroidal coils with ‘V’ geometry of the magnets also gives rise to higher efficiency in generating the output signal.

 The Magneto is an absolutely gem of a cartridge for any starter record playing system.


  • Replaceable Stylus

  • Integrated Stylus Guard

  • Stainless Steel Fixing Bolts, Washer & Hex Thumb Nuts

  • Easy Alignment Assist Marking

Type Moving Magnet
Output Level 4.0mV
Recommended Load 47 kΩ
Coil Resistance 800Ω DC
Tracking Weight 1.8g – 2.2g (2.0g standard)
Stylus Elliptical Bonded
Weight 6.4g