MELCO N1-S38 Music Library


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Melco The new ground-up design is based around a new platform, with a new chassis and case-work, plus new power supplies. It offers a previously unreached performance level.
A full-width design, the all-new N1-S38 distils Melco’s decades-long digital music storage, transfer and playback knowledge into an advanced new flagship with great new features.
The N1-S38 benefits from a totally new set of system electronics, a new mainboard, plus a new mains transformer, supply and local regulators.
An audio-specific custom 3.84 TB SSD drive, which benefits from Melco’s proprietary layered, rigid SSD mounter, is directly connected to the data path without any intervening RAID controller; on-board memory is increased, too.
Available in Black or Silver Aluminium case
• Melco’s all-new casework which benefits from highly stable chassis construction center around a robust 3 mm stainless steel base plate to minimize unwanted vibration.
• In a nod to its audiophile credentials, the new N1-S38 also supports a switchable 10 MHz external clock input – a first for a Melco music library.
• N1-S38 benefits from an SFP port for direct fibre connection to a suitably equipped player or network infrastructure.