Melco C100 CAT 7 Cables


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• Wide bandwidth Category 7 construction for low jitter
• Precision 100 ohm balanced twisted data pairs for perfect transmission
• Precision 100 ohm accurate and rigid mechanical alignment connectors ensures stable performance without possibility of mechanical misalignment. Unbreakable latch for precise alignment.
• Individual screening of each data pair eliminates crosstalk.
• Overall screening of the complete interconnect assembly ensures freedom from external influences.
• Advanced materials technology for optimum long term performance with flexible and convenient handling.
• Gold plated data connectors and shield
• Wide bandwidth low jitter design. – CAT 7, 600 MHz
• The wide band cable design, including the precision connectors, ensures both optimal data transfer and elimination of data jitter to ensure the integrity of the data transfer between network connected audio components.
• C100 has wideband transmission speed 6 times that of Cat 5e, 2.4 times of Cat 6.


C100-E10 1.0m, C100-E20 2.0m, C100-E30 3.0m, C100-E50 5.0m, C100-E100 10.0m