AVM CS3.3/5.3 Evolution Line All-In-One Streaming Amplifiers


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The special feature of the CS 5.3 is its Tube Line Stage, which is located in the preamplifier section of the CS 5.3. Based on the tubes proprietarily made for us, we have developed a tube stage that fully unfolds the tonal charm of these AVM tubes. Due to AVM‘s own circuit technology, the tubes are guaranteed to last for a long time (approx. 20,000 hours). The CS 5.3 also differs from the CS 3.3 in terms of appearance due to the glass window in the housing cover. The tube stages can be easily observed through this darkened window.
The CS 3.3 works completely as a pure transistor device. All other connection and performance data correspond to those in CS 5.3. The most obvious distinguishing feature is the closed, brushed aluminium housing cover.

Power Amp
Gain Factor 30
THD < 0,005% SNR > 95dB
Input Sensitivity (2x350W, 4Ω) 1,2V
Frequency Range CS 5.3 (-3dB) < 5Hz to > 35kHz
Frequency Range CS 3.3 (-3dB) 0Hz to > 80kHz
Rated Output Power 2 x 350W [4 Ω] / 2 x 180W [8 Ω]
⚠ ATTENTION: When using the A and B speaker outputs simultaneously, the speaker impedance for each speaker must not fall below 8 ohms.