Totem Kin IW6 and IW8 Slim


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KIN In-Wall IW6/IW8 Slim
A Wall of Sound

The shallowest of all Totem Architectural speakers fit effortlessly into the tight confines of standard construction framework, transforming them into walls of sensation Totem sound.

All models in the series feature custom designed ceramic tweeters and carbon fiber woofers. The 6” woofer in the IW6 meshes flawlessly with a ¾ ceramic tweeter while the higher power handling and increased dynamic ability of the 8” woofer in the IW8 requires a 1” version.

Totem’s incomparable dispersion will wholly occupy the entire space to ensure every spot of the living area sounds like a prime location. They also seamlessly intermesh with all other Totem speakers for omnipresent multichannel systems so fearlessly mix and match as required.

Discover your Kin Architectural and expand your musical experiences.

Further information available here  or contact Allan here

Speaker Size

IW 6 Slim, IW 8 Slim