Totem Kin IC61 and IC81


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KIN In-Ceiling IC81/IC61
Stealth that Draws Attention

Kin Architectural IC61 and IC81 seamlessly integrate into any living space but their stunning performance will inevitably draw attention. Due to their remarkable 75-degree dispersion these speakers are easy to place in any room and can play much larger room envelopes than most architectural speakers. Totem’s signature powerful bass, smooth highs, and natural vocals are evenly spread throughout the room. A Low Volume Intelligibility switch even ensures that sound is as rich and detailed in applications where low volume listening is required.

They intermix harmoniously with any existing traditional, on-wall, or architectural Totem speaker for a variety of multi-channel options. Kin Architectural models have stainless steel, magnetic grilles and hardware so they’re weather resistant and ready for the outdoors under covered areas and soffits with the use of the optional Acoustic Back Can.

Discover your Kin Architectural and expand your musical experiences.

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IC 61, IC81