Melco N50 Music Library


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Melco N50 is the first full- width mid- range SSD Music Library.
Easy to import from CD, USB memory, or music data on your PC. Back up your important music collection simply into USB HDD. You can play music from an App on your smart phone or tablet which beautifully lists your music collection with cover art, artist/album information.
If you connect USB-DAC, Music Library becomes a transport of streaming services and becomes a Roon Ready device. Unlike a server for the office, Melco Music Library is purely designed for high quality audio playback.
• Meticulously selected 3.84TB single SSD, sonically the best drive available;
• Full width component, heavy 1.7mm thick casework for mechanical integrity;
• Full function control interface from front panel;
• Front USB port, triple rear USB ports for backup, HDD expansion or CD loader connectivity;
• Unique to MELCO, Dual Gigabit Ethernet for separate Network and Streamer connectivity;
• New design PSU provides clear and dynamic power with extensive filtering;
• Informative OLED display, showing file name, data format and connected devices.


N50-S38, N50-H60