NAP 500 DR


Aspirational HiFi. For years the NAP 500 is where the search for perfection ended. Then along came Statement.

New for 2015 – Statement technology read more here

However the NAP 500 DR is still sounding every bit as good and fully deserving of all it’s international accolades, the NAP 500 DR remains the power-house of an ultimate system. (Note the NAP500 DR amplifier requires the 500PS)

  • 140W per channel output into 8 ohms; capable of prolonged output into 2 ohms with no discernible impact on performance
  • Bridged power amplifier configuration for maximised open and closed-loop speed, with ten stages of local regulation per channel
  • Two-box configuration with 500 PS power supply for optimum rejection of electromagnetic interference
  • 1,100VA toroidal transformer provides 12 raw DC supplies for the power amplifier
  • 25kg brushed, black-anodised chassis with distinctive heatsink plus variable speed intelligent fan system for discreet extra cooling if required

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