NAP 250 DR


Everything you’ve ever read about this amplifier is true. Massively engaging yet relaxed and understated at the same time, the NAP 250 has been through many design tweaks but is essentially the same amplifier that helped build the Naim reputation globally decades ago.

New for 2015 – Statement technology 

Naim has introduced a new and improved range of power amplifiers with Naim DR (Discrete Regulator) and Statement transistor technology.

Like all good Naim amplifiers it will work it’s heart out without strain even on the most difficult and complex source material into the hardest speaker load commercially available.

The beauty however, is that the NAP 250 does it’s job without colouration or exaggeration. Remarkable.

  •  80W per channel output into 8 ohms
  •  Large custom-designed transformer providing 400VA of transient power
  •  Advanced 007 output transistors, as used in our reference NAP 500 power amplifier

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