NAC 552


The winner of numerous customer poles as to what Naim Audio product enhanced their listening the most, the NAC 552 redefined the role of the pre-amplifier in an audio system. A true example of how years of research can provide a fantastic result, with the research filtering down the amplifier line up benefiting all Naim Audio owners at whatever price point.

Until the release of the Statement S1 this was the benchmark pre-amplifier that all others tried to emanate. Numerous technical innovations brought a rare musicality to music replay. (Note the NAC 552 requires the 552 PS)

  • Two-box configuration for optimum rejection of electromagnetic interference
  • Split-rail power supply featuring 800VA toroidal transformer, three smoothing capacitors and new Discrete Regulator (DR)
  • Fully suspended sub-chassis for superior isolation of sensitive circuit boards
  • AV bypass mode for simple connection to an existing AV system
  • Support for both DIN and RCA inputs to facilitate connection into a wider range of systems
  • Independent listen and record banks for maximum flexibility
  • Assignable inputs for enhanced usability with a range of sources

Audition strictly by appointment. Contact Allan for more information or click here.