NAC 252



Until the entry of the 500 series the NAC 52 and now the NAC 252 was the top of the line Naim Audio pre-amplifier. OK, this is the amplifier you buy when funds do not allow the NAC 552, but what an amplifier. Developed in partnership with the required power supply, the SuperCap, the latest combination provides near perfect musicality in a well matched system.

  • Support for both DIN and RCA inputs to facilitate connection into a wider range of systems
  • SuperCap power supply (with fourteen independently regulated voltages) required
  • Totally separate regulated supplies for digital control and switching circuitry
  • Precision rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers
  • AV bypass mode for simple connection to an existing AV system
  • Powered input for use with StageLine or SuperLine phono stages

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