An instant success in converting digital audio files into music, it is no surprise that this amazing DAC was released at the same time as its partner – the matching NAP 100. If having your computer in the same space as your listening works for you, then look no further. This combination is self-recommending.

Alternatively, if you have digital sources – CD player, BluRay player etc – and an existing worthy amplifier this versatile DAC could well be your solution to lift your system into a new level of replay.

  • High-speed asynchronous USB input up to 24bit/384kHz
  • Five S/PDIF inputs for digital sources like games consoles, set top boxes and hard disk servers
  • Selectable fixed or variable analogue outputs (DIN or RCA)
  • Naim digitally controlled analogue volume control for performance and precision 40bit SHARC DSP chip handling filtering and oversampling
  • Single-ended class-A headphone amplifier output

Naim’s newest DAC is perfectly optimized for modern digital listening. It features an asynchronous USB input – ideal for getting stunning sound quality from your computer. DAC-V1’s single-ended class-A headphone amplifier affords it added versatility. The output stages of this amplifier are kept as pure as possible, ensuring outstanding sound quality for headphone listening.

The DAC-V1’s compact size makes it perfectly suited as a desktop companion to your Mac or PC, but its exceptional musicality means it will complement Naim Audio’s standard-width hi-fi components just as well. Combine it with the UnitiServe hard disk music server and its matching NAP 100 power amplifier and you’ll create a stunning hi-fi system from just three compact boxes

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