heed OBELISK DT – Digital CD Transport

In the new world of streaming the CD is far from obsolete, being the go-to source for many a home ripped CD library. This makes the production and R&D for a CD player curious, if not questionable. The heed OBELISK DT goes a step further and is a spinner (CD Transport) only, that is a CD player with only a digital out, having no internal DAC.

Curious. Well Audio Apartmento has a customer that is the target market for such a device, having in his possession a very high-quality DAC and having a huge CD collection with zero interest in embarking on ripping the collection. Over the years a number of spinning options have been tried with the latest being at a slightly higher price point to the OBELISK DT.

Always willing to experiment and find potential ways to further enhance an already impressive system, a demonstration of the OBELISK DT was arranged.  The feedback was immediate, and very encouraging. Very. A few more days of A-B-C trials only confirmed that the OBELISK DT does indeed offer a new level of digital data extraction, a new sense of never-heard-that-before moments resulting in an overall more musical presentation that was found totally seductive. The trial deemed a success the purchase was made.

Very encouraging foray into the heed world.  “Flawless Data” was stated the goal of the heed team. A big smile was the unquestioned result for one happy customer.

heed Obelisk DT – Digital CD Transport